Classes are invited to share their reunion
plans and other class information on this page. Email or call
472-6670 for more information on posting your class updates.

First graduating class of St. Jude School. The 8th grade class of 1956.

Career Days/Guest Speakers

We recognize the tremendous accomplishments of our alumni and would like to connect your experiences and successes with our current students as a means to motivate and inspire them to the limitless possibilities that await them in life. There is a particular kind of pride that is instilled in OBISPO students when alumni return and share their life stories and thus making dreams seem all the more attainable.
If you are interested in participating in future Career Days or in being a guest speaker for other events, please email or call 472-6670 for more information.


The annual golf tournament is sponsored by the school’s Endowment Foundation and is usually held in the spring. The Endowment Foundation was established to assist students in need of financial aid and to provide financial, human resource, instructional, capital and related community support to BBMCS. We welcome volunteers to assist in the set-up as well as activities throughout the tournament day. We also welcome golfers to participate in a fun-filled, food-filled, day of comradery for the Obispo community.
If you are interested in volunteering for or playing in the golf tournament, please email or call 472-6670 for more information.


The poor need help today not next week.

Catherine McAuley, Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy